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How often should I see the doctor during pregnancy?

Your first visit with Dr. Asfouri may be to confirm your pregnancy. This is done by pregnancy tests and/or by ultrasound to give you a definitive answer and to determine your due date. After the initial appointment, you will be seen once a month through your sixth month of pregnancy. During the seventh and eighth month, the visits increase to bi-weekly. In your final month of pregnancy, you have weekly visits until you deliver. If you have health concerns during your pregnancy, more frequent appointments help to monitor your health and your baby’s health.
Which prenatal services are available?

Prenatal care is a critical part of your pregnancy. Dr. Asfouri provides comprehensive prenatal care and guidance to ensure a healthy pregnancy. He discusses multiple issues that affect your health:

  • Nutrition

  • Adequate rest

  • Physical activity

  • Labor and childbirth

During your regular pregnancy appointments, Dr. Asfouri monitors your health and your baby’s health by performing multiple checks and tests:

  • Ultrasounds

  • Bloodwork

  • Physical exams

  • Screening for gestational diabetes and infections

Dr. Asfouri regularly measures your belly and administers ultrasounds to track your baby’s growth and development. He prepares you for the due date and coordinates your childbirth plan with the hospital.


What happens when I go into labor?

Contractions are the first sign you’re experiencing labor. When contractions become five minutes apart and last for at least an hour, it’s time to contact Dr. Asfouri and head to the hospital. If you experience contractions well before your due date, contact Dr. Asfouri as soon as possible or seek emergency medical attention.


During a vaginal delivery, you continue to labor until the baby is ready for delivery. If labor is prolonged or there are complications,  a Cesarean section may be recommended.​ Dr. Asfouri discusses delivery options during your regular appointments to prepare you for your delivery date. He is available to answer questions or concerns throughout your pregnancy  so you know what to expect during the delivery of your child.

Schedule a pregnancy consultation online or by calling the office (512-444-1811)

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Being pregnant is an exciting but anxious time. You may have questions and concerns about your baby’s development and self-care. To ensure good health for you and your baby throughout pregnancy, work closely with an experienced OB/GYN. At Austin Southwest OBGYN in South Austin Dr.  Asfouri offers comprehensive pregnancy care from your initial pregnancy test through coordinating your delivery with the hospital. 
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