About Our Services
 At Austin Southwest OBGYN in South Austin we have the following philosophy for your care:
- Entrusting us with your care is our privilege. We will present you with options for your treatment, discuss alternatives and help you decide on the best care for you. We will treat you like family with compassion and understanding.
 - All evaluations, and procedures are done by the Doctor himself who will discuss findings and treatments with every patient personally.
 - We respect your time and do not overcrowd the schedule, we strive for minimum waiting time.

 - We do not make patients wait for appointments, we tryto get you in the office as soon as you need to be seen, usually same day, particularly if you call and make your request by phone.


Let's Talk!     

Thanks for stopping by! We're here to help, please don't hesitate to reach out.

               Souhail Asfouri, MD, Austin, TX
Phone (Appointments): 512-444-1811 | Phone (General Inquiries): (512) 444-1811
Address: 4316 James Casey ST, Bld. F Suite 200, Austin, TX 78745
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